Why A Time of Personal Growth Led to Creating A Full, More Authentic, Life

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 In late 2016, I felt restless. My internal tension was almost paralyzing. Not in the physical sense but mentally and emotionally. My internal tension is God’s way of getting my attention. Picking up my phone: I sent a few texts to a couple of my chosen brothers. They asked what I knew. My temper flared. I do not know I said in caps to make my frustration clear. They softened their approach at my clear feelings. Instead, asking how I was feeling. Restless, raw, and uncomfortable I answered. Everybody wants Stacey the political scientist not the person. The academically trained mind not the person who has the knowledge right now. Does that make sense I asked. They asked if I meant I was feeling too much emotionally and so much more than the political makeup of the US Congress or who won the election for president in 2016. YES, I texted back. They asked me to unpack how I was feeling from that starting point then. What I figured out is what follows in the rest of this blog post.

I believe we have much more in common than we do differences. I want to listen, learn, and help people see me as more than a political scientist or a woman born with CP. Knowing what I wanted gave me the ability to be myself. It was the catalyst for setting out to create a life for myself I love; and beginning to remove the limits in my mind of what I thought my job was going to be.  Yes, I have opinions, read everything I can from all perspectives, am informed, and vote. I have multiple degrees in political science and believe in democracy.  I encourage everyone I can to register to vote, inform themselves and vote. However, there is enough angry political discourse in this world, and I refuse to add to it.

My transformation of where my energy is best served to everyone I encounter matters. It is directly related to my faith transformation. I want to be everything I am supposed to be, having the big, impactful life I have always known I was supposed to have. Kindness, respect, and most of all, love matter so much more than being right.  Years ago, I could not have written these words, started blogging, or creating content. However, God, my angels, and chosen siblings loved me through the heavy, difficult, time of personal growth; so that I could be my most authentic self who shares my story with the world and imparts knowledge too.

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