How to Overcome Negativity

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I was asked if everybody in my life is supportive of my work and the change in my life. The answer to that question is not. Some people I am very close to have no faith in my being able to do what I want to do with this blog and its social media accounts. Part of that lack of belief is because they do not understand how social media works or have social media of their own. These people are also not Internet savvy. I understand that those two difficulties make understanding what I am trying to do impossible.

The better question to me that people should want to know is did those people not believing in me and not understanding what I want to do with my work stop me from working towards my goals? The answer to that is obvious. Absolutely not. I believe in my gifts and abilities to make my dreams come true. Given that, I refuse to let anyone’s negativity stop me from achieving my dreams and goals.

How did I not give up in the face of negativity? I believed, and still believe, my story is worth telling. I want it to motivate others to overcome challenges in their own life because we all have them. Creating content consistently and getting positive feedback furthers my belief in myself. Helping others has always been the goal of telling my story along with changing the narrative around my condition and what’s possible living with it. I believe every day that I am achieving those goals and can make a good life for myself in the process as well. Giving others hope that their goals and dreams are not only worth pursuing but can become reality is also a driving force of doing this work for me. I want you all to go after whatever dream makes you feel alive and know that you can accomplish it and any others you have.

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