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  1. The time change: it is a hideous process we go through twice a year. I wish Georgia was one of the states that stayed on one time all year.
  2. I have toddler-like balance at best. I also have a startle reflex. My startle reflex has gotten, somewhat, better over the years. Last night, right before bed, I was startled falling nose first into my bedroom floor. I was angry at myself. I was embarrassed. Today, I can report nothing is broken and there was no blood. I’m just very, very, sore.
  3. My newest chair, which will be three years old December 28th, will barely back up anywhere. It’s most likely the right motor that has gone out. My chair came out from under warranty at 18 months old. The motors used to be covered for 5 years…not this chair.
  4. My mechanic, whom I used for years, has retired: I must find a new one. It’s hard for me to trust someone new with, essentially, my legs.
  5. Both motors will need replacing because of the way my manufacturer designs chairs now. I see this as a way to make more money. It is greed pure and simple. I believe the manufacturer did it deliberately.
  6. I can cover the cost of new motors if I need to, but I’m letting my manufacturer know my anger ASAP tomorrow. In order to to see what they are willing to do to make a loyal customer happier first. I will keep you all updated as the process unfolds.

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