Tag: Positive Mindset

How to Turn Negatives into Positives? Live A Full Life

Someone suggested last week I was accepting my lot in life in terms of my CP. The ugly comments left me stunned and then angry. I needed some time to sort out and process my feelings, so that could turn such a negative experience into a positive. That is how I prefer to live my

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Why Accessibility is Important for Living A Full Life

On Friday I needed to get my license renewed. The building where the department of driver services is located is supposed to be state-of-the-art because it is only a couple of years old. After opening the door for myself using the automatic door button, I went to the check-in desk. Explaining the website would not

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Why the Love of my Chosen Big Brother Makes me Better

Six years ago, yesterday I had a wide-ranging conversation with my chosen big brother I met in undergraduate. At one point, we were talking about my past. I sighed and got slightly emotional about talking about what and who I had not at that point to anybody. He said, “You know this is not your

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