How Texture Related Food Issues Impact Life and Holidays

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Many people with CP have texture related food issues. As in: we can’t tolerate certain foods because of their textures. I’m not immune to this particular side effect. Here’s the list of foods I don’t eat because I can’t handle their textures:

  1. raw tomatoes: I can’t handle the smell of them, either; because my nose is super sensitive as well. This is another CP side effect, too.
  2. okra
  3. egg yolks: I only like scrambled eggs/omelets because of this
  4. watermelon: I LOVE the juice. I LOVE it in a smoothie, but can’t tolerate it plain
  5. turkey: I like turkey breast, but the next day it tastes like metal to me

At no time of the year are my texture issues more on display than Thanksgiving. My blood family is incredibly wonderful about being understanding of my texture issues. Mama has always said, “Try it, Stace, unless it is on the above list; and if you can’t handle it: you don’t have to eat it. Y’all may be wondering what I eat instead of turkey at the holidays? The answer is: ham and/or fried chicken tenders. Yesterday, we had ham. I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving, in the US yesterday, and a safe Black Friday today…if you ventured out.

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