A Note of Gratitude

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I had another post in mind. Then the official Facebook page, for this blog, passed a 100 likes today. I have people from all over the United States engaging on my posts. All of this blows my mind in the best way possible. I am from a small town in metro Atlanta. No one in my family is well known, or extravagantly wealthy. What we are is blessed. We all have: strong work ethics, tenacity, stubborn streaks, gifts, and an abundance of faith, hope, and love. I have some very special thank yous to give, in this post, if y’all will indulge me:

  1. God: I’m a literal miracle. Given my condition and involvement because of said condition: everything I do in my life should NOT be medically possible. In fact: I shouldn’t be alive at all. You had bigger plans, for me; and are the giver of life and the great physician. You gave me a fighting spirit, determination, and a will to live that just was going to defy medical expectations. Then YOU gave me a brilliant mind, the ability to speak, sing, and write. YOU made me a living, breathing, testimony for YOU. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU. This blog, like everything else in my life, is in YOUR hands. Please continue to use me as YOU see fit. Please continue to mold me as YOU wish. Please continue to help me to NEVER use my faith as a weapon to put anyone else down, or make them feel unworthy of YOUR love because of the words I write, or say in any aspect of my life.
  2. My brother/journey partner: this blog would not exist without you planting the seed for a book during my fellowship year. It took years and lots of discussion and absolute faith, in my gifts/abilities, on your part. You saw what I couldn’t. I’m so blessed to be your friend. It is my absolute privilege to be your sister/journey partner. I’m so proud of you, too. We’re just getting started, brother of mine. I can feel it. Crazy/beautiful, indeed.
  3. The rest of my chosen family: these people are my insides. Y’all blow me away, daily. Y’all are the best people I know. It’s an honor to know every one of you. It is a blessing to be your friend. It is my privilege to be your sister. It is my honor to lock arms with you changing the world for the better, daily. Y’all make me better and more brave leading by example and loving me the way each of you do. I love each of you so, so, much. Thank you for everything. This blog is a reflection of the way y’all love me and the power of together.
  4. Kirk, granny, and the rest of my extended blood family: I love y’all so much. Kirk and gran: thank you for EVERYTHING. I hope y’all are proud and take lots of credit for my crazy/beautiful life and journey. Y’all deserve it. I LOVE you both so, so, much.
  5. My favorite teacher: you believed I could fly from the first day we met. You saved me. You saved me from failing geometry and you gave me the skills, tools, and confidence to do anything I want. The only limits are in my head. You remind me, still, that even though there are people who want to see me fail, and there always will be; there is more than one way to accomplish something. As long as I have you and the rest above: the only barrier(s) are the lies ,and self-doubt in my head. We will bust through every, single, one together. I love you. You are an angel walking among us.
  6. My mentors: I NEVER want to disappoint, y’all, and I won’t if I keep doing the work and using the knowledge and skills y’all taught me. In addition: I NEVER will if when opportunity knocks: I open the door wide and invite it in.
  7. My parents: I LOVE y’all more than words can express. Thank you for EVERYTHING. Dad: this blog wouldn’t exist without your encouragement and push. Thank you. I hope you’re proud. I’m proud to be your daughter.
  8. Last but certainly NEVER least: thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, and a billion more times, to every one of YOU who engages on this blog in any capacity. When I pushed launch, on September 28th; I was terrified. I didn’t know what I was doing…AT ALL. I knew this was part of my purpose, but I was certain two things were going to happen: no one would care, and the Internet trolls would come after me in droves. Thankfully, neither happened. I’ve had a couple of rude comments and one or two laughter emoticons. I choose never to respond to anything negative. It would be the opposite of thriving. Every one of you is helping me create a community bigger than me and my story/journey. You are helping me create a community of inclusion and tolerance. You are helping me prove can is so much bigger than can’t. You are helping me create a community for anyone looking for encouragement to NEVER give up no matter how hard life gets. You are helping me be brave for everybody needing someone to go before them. We are creating a community for everyone who feels unloved, unworthy, and invisible. We are telling them this is a safe, encouraging space, where all are seen and valued. Please keep engaging and sharing any and all blog posts with anyone y’all would like. If you are not following and/or liking the Facebook page and would like to do so: it is the same name as this blog. It has the same profile picture as everything associated with this site. However, the Facebook page name is spaced and capitalized as follows: Thriving with Cerebral Palsy.

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