Why Thriving Requires Being my Own Health Advocate

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Happy New Year, y’all! I hope everybody celebrated responsibly and safely last night. Back in early September I decided to make my health and well being a priority. I cut out all junk food from my diet and I started being mindful of my sugar and salt intake, too. I started drinking lots of water and exercising daily. I started to feel better until a few weeks later. I started running a fever, had an extremely sore throat, and couldn’t keep anything I ate down. I went to the doctor and it wasn’t strep or the flu. I was diagnosed with a strep like virus. I got three days of steroids and was sent home.

A few weeks later when I had my physical: I was still feeling more tired than normal. I stay pretty tired because I have spastic quadriplegic CP. More tired than everybody else is my usual. I told the doctor I was more tired than normal and he ran some more tests. None of them showed anything of note. I know my own body and I knew something was wrong.

Yesterday I got answers and it’s what I told them all along: a bad sinus infection. I will be just fine in a few days. I write all this to get here: if you don’t feel well and your doctor won’t listen: change doctors until someone listens. Answers are possible and feeling better than good is possible if you keep fighting for your health and your quality of life. Your health starts with you: if you don’t advocate for yourself no one else is going to do so.

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