A Post of Updates

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  1. My recheck checkup is tomorrow. I’m very glad because my sinus infection isn’t completely gone, yet. My symptoms are back starting with throwing up on Monday. The doctor and I will get me straightened out…tomorrow.
  2. My new joystick is here and will be put on Monday. I’m very joyous about this development because the loaner is quite dangerous.
  3. I’m hopeful, my provider, will also have an update on the kit to put my motors on my other chair while there. It never hurts to ask, and I shall.

Thanks for all the support, and I’ll let you all know how all of this pans out as soon as I know. Please feel free to share any and all posts with any one y’all would like. My goal is to create a vibrant, growing, community where all are seen valued and welcome. I want this community to be a safe place to land for anybody going through tough stuff. I want those who are to know: you can get through anything. Don’t give up. You have to go through rain to get to rainbows.

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