An Update on the Chair Repair Process

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First of all: I have a non-update update on my newest chair’s repairs. I called my wheelchair provider Tuesday, and they called back yesterday morning. The receptionist talked to someone at Invacare. Invacare is waiting on their supplier to send the mount kit to them. When they have it: they will send it to my provider. My provider said they hope to have a clear idea of when the kit will be in Atlanta in a few days. Once they know that we can set a time/day for motor replacement. If I don’t hear back in a couple of days: I’ll call back and keep bugging them until I know something concrete. I have been dealing with trying to get motors replaced for over three months. I’m beyond ready to not have to think about or deal with broken chairs anymore.

I have to purchase new batteries for the chair once the motors are replaced. It sitting in the corner, not being used, for three months has made the batteries go dead. Not a surprising development just not one I wanted. Once the batteries are replaced: I’ll have to learn how to drive that chair…again. I get used to new chairs and new replacement parts for chairs at the mall. Why? Lots of open space that is flat.

Last time I did any type of driving practice: my brother/journey partner came to hang out with me. He wanted to see my process for getting used to new equipment. I said, You know this might not be pretty, right? I can’t promise I won’t freak out. He said, “Just let me in and let me see, Stace. I can handle your meltdown if you have one.” I know. I’m just warning you. “You can’t do anything that will make me love any less, okay?” Okay. To have that kind of love and support is a gift I don’t take for granted. I’ll have to see if we can make driving practice part two happen when my chair is up and running again. I could definitely use his calmness and we’re due a ketchup session.

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