Another Chair Repair Update

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I called my wheelchair provider earlier to check on the status of my motor mount kits. They are still back ordered. Invacare told my provider they had to switch vendors for the kit. Okay, do you have an estimated time of arrival from Invacare? The answer I got was no. “Soon, we’re hoping,” they said. Me too. I’ve been waiting on repairs for months. The motors are at my provider with my name on them…literally. We’re just waiting on the mount kit(s). Obviously, I’m frustrated. But then I was able to have more thoughts than just frustration for myself. What about everybody who needs the parts I do that doesn’t have the blessing of a backup chair? What about everybody, who needs those parts, who can’t talk and bug their provider for updates? If you’re reading this and you fall into one of those two categories: I promise I will not stop trying and fighting for not only myself, but for you, too. I NEVER give up and I promise to pour all of my tenacity and determination into this for you, too. My CP and all of the adventures that come along with it has always been about more than just me. Today is no different. I will shine the light for all of us who need it.

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