Why This Blog Exists and My Hope for It

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My presidential fellowship year brought with it lots of internal pressure. I wanted to represent my mentor, university, myself and everyone who loves me well. Every one else had no doubt I would, but I definitely did. I remember having many conversations with my chosen brother/journey partner about the pressure I felt. At some point in one of those he said, “You should write a book, Stace.” My exact words were are you crazy? Write a book? I can’t do that. “It’s just a thought. I think people would benefit from your perspective.” Yeah, I said sarcastically.

Every chance he got for years after that he kept broaching the subject with me. I said, Book about what exactly? “Your life.” The prospect sounds insane to me. No one would care. “Yes, they would. I promise. I care. I promise lots of people would.” Finally, I gave in. I’ll try. “That’s all I am asking.” I did. It was an incoherent mess with no direction. I told him my description. “Keep trying, Stace. You can do this. I know you can. You’re too hard on yourself.”

A few days later: dad said, “You should start a blog.” About what? “I don’t know you’re extremely smart. You figure it out.” I started to think and pray about it. I also did lots of research on blogs. What I found was helpful and discouraging at once. Over and over: I read most blogs aren’t successful. I kept talking to God. The more I prayed: the more I knew I had to try. I knew what my blog was going to be about: my CP. It was a really scary prospect. I liked the idea of having complete autonomy over what I shared in blog format, though. In book form: I would not have autonomy because I would be working with a publishing company and editor.

Blogging allows me to tell my story the way I want to. I have always been positive and have never seen my journey and story as something requiring sadness or pity. My story is at its core a story of triumph and thriving. That’s why I decided to name the blog what I did. I also want to encourage others, in their struggles, to never give up. That’s the goal: reach as many people as possible fighting misconceptions and misinformation about CP; while making the blog posts universal whenever possible so as to bring hope and encouragement to everyone struggling.

Along the way I want y’all to get to know me and who I am. I love God very much. I love my parents and blood family. I also love my chosen family more than they know. I try to be a good friend and let my friends know I love them as well. I believe as a follower of Christ: I’m called to love all people as I love myself. I want to extend kindness and tolerance to everyone. It’s what I want to be given from others.

I like all kinds of music and singing gives me joy. It gives me a healthy way to process rough days. One day I’ll write a blog post listing all my favorite musical artists, by genre, for all of y’all to get to know me even better. My chosen family knows to ask what music I’m listening to, on any given day, to gauge my mood. It’s how they gain entrance into my head when I don’t want to talk.

I can be loud. Also, I can be quiet. I was really shy growing up and sometimes my shyness still makes an appearance. I am deep thinker and a nerd through and through. I want y’all to see all of my sides. There are many things I won’t share because I value my privacy, but as long as a topic doesn’t feel invasive it will probably find its way into a blog post. I’m still learning how to blog well and will be for quite a while. Thank you all for the support and encouragement you’ve given me so far. I look forward to where God wants this journey to go, and I look forward to taking it with all of you.

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