The Best Way to Respond to A Bully

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I try to spread love, be positive, and kind…always. What happens when someone is mean despite my best efforts and intentions? What of thriving then? These are questions I’ve had to grapple with today. Here’s my best answer as of right this minute.

In these unprecedented times:

  1. Show people kindness and grace even though your first reaction is to do anything but. I definitely know I didn’t want to show kindness and grace today, but I did. Extend what was not extended to you. Be better than to stoop to their level. That’s one of the best ways I can put my faith in action.
  2. Don’t let their words get to you: when they say mean hurtful words don’t let it deter you from your purpose. Realize they are hurting and repeat step one.
  3. Use their hurtful language as fuel to achieve your goals and dreams
  4. Breathe
  5. Pray for them/send them light and love every time you have the chance

During this time: people of faith have a unique opportunity to step into the space for those around us and help them. We must do that. We must love our neighbor as ourselves and not make it just lip service. Join me in doing just that, won’t you?

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