About Yesterday’s Unnecessary Stress

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Those of you who have been following this blog for a while know that late last year my most recent chair’s motors went out. The problem had to be diagnosed at my provider before parts could be ordered. The appointment to do that took place on November 12. Yesterday, I got the call that my motors and the kits to mount them were finally at my provider. The motors have been in for quite a while, but the mount kits were on back order. I am blessed to have a backup chair (which needed emergency repairs right after Christmas), however not having my newest chair work for six months was very stressful and made it hard to go a lot of places for fear that my backup chair couldn’t handle what I needed it to.

I was beyond relieved and happy. FINALLY I thought. However, my celebrations were premature. I knew the batteries needed replacing in my newest chair after waiting on parts for six months. I was under the impression that I could buy batteries and have the mechanic replace them when he replaced the motors. Turns out, that’s not procedure. Wait a minute? You guys can’t help me out? “No, ma’am.” Okay, so what if I buy the batteries from you all? Can I do that? Nope. My insurance will need to deny the batteries, first. How long will that take? “6-8 weeks.” Then can I buy batteries from y’all? “No, that’s not procedure.” I NEED BATTERIES. MINE ARE DEAD. I CAN’T SCHEDULE MOTOR REPLACEMENT UNTIL I HAVE NEW BATTERIES. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? The caps are because I yelled this into my phone. “We’re sorry, ma’am.” Yeah, y’all are sorry, I thought. I needed a solution and lots of hugs.

I have a solution, I think. A quick Google search gave me a list of companies that sell batteries. Tomorrow I shall call each one to see which one carries my batteries and will install them for me. I have an appointment next Thursday to get my motors replaced after I have new batteries. I set and cried purely from stress last evening. It actually felt good to release my tension. I don’t want anyone else, who uses power chairs, to have to go through what the last six months have been like for me if I can help it. I’m bouncing around ideas for advocacy on these issues using my background in political science. I’ll keep you all posted as these ideas take shape.

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