Why I Love Mama so Very Much

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My church did something cool for Mother’s Day. As part of virtual service tomorrow: they asked us all to video what we loved about our Mama’s in 10 seconds or less. Y’all I tried to put my feelings about my mama in 10 seconds or less, but I quickly discovered I couldn’t. She deserves so much more than 10 seconds from me. Then I thought I can just blog about her and for her for Mother’s day, so that is what this post is. This is for my mama.

Mama is my team mate. When I came into this world we were both very sick. It’s a miracle I’m alive and she pulled through. We did. She raised me to be polite to everybody. She raised me to respect myself and everybody else. Mama taught me what it means to be a woman of faith. She still does. I learned about God’s love because of how well she loves me.

When my faith underwent a transformation a few years ago: she supported my journey to find my own walk with God that was more and realer than what I understood before as okay. What a gift she gave me: to understand for myself when John 3:16 says: “For God so loved the world…” that meant every person in the world. When I came out of the transformation and said, God loves everybody and died for everybody she nodded and smiled; because she knew I was about to go love everybody, with as little judgement as I was capable, and have a much bigger, more beautiful life than I ever had before.

Mama is my champion and protector. She’s my fiercest ally. When somebody hurts or makes me feel small: they have to deal with her. She also taught me how to be my own champion and advocate. I stand up for myself, now. I am strong and won’t tolerate anybody bullying me or making me feel small. Is it easy? No. Do I get it wrong a lot? You bet. However, I have lots of help when I get it wrong.

I’m surrounded by so much love and support. I’m thankful for that…everyday. Mama teaches me what it looks like to be a condition warrior/thriver; because she does it, also. What a gift that example is to me. She supports every dream and goal I have. Mama wants me to create a fulfilling, successful, life for myself and she gives the support, space, and freedom to figure out what such means for me.

We often get asked do we fight? Yes. We’re mother and daughter, of course, we have differences of opinion. There is an immense amount of love and respect from both of us in our relationship, however. When we mess up: we apologize, ask for forgiveness, and move on. Mama is more than my mom. She’s my friend, too. I cherish her for all these reasons and so many more. Happy Mother’s Day, Mama. I love you more than I can articulate. I hope I make you proud. I’m sorry for driving you crazy, sometimes. I hope you have a great day where you feel honored and loved because you most certainly are.

Love, love, love,


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