Why Getting the Covid-19 Booster Was Important

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On Monday afternoon I received my Covid-19 booster shot. I’m very thankful and relieved to have it. I consulted with my doctor before getting the first vaccine. Knowing his thoughts were important to me. I take every aspect of my health care seriously and am my own advocate. He and I determined that I’m high risk for a difficult battle with the virus if I were to catch it. This is due to my condition and my sensitive lungs. In addition, I genetically inherited bad allergies as well.

On Tuesday, waking up feeling good I was hopeful to have skipped the side effects. By afternoon I knew my hope was not to be. I was achy and running a fever. I took a dose of fever reducer after dinner and one more before bed. These side effects mean the vaccine is working; due to my prior research I knew that. Also, where the shot went in my arm was slightly fevered, red, and sore. I knew that meant the vaccine was working as well due to my research in preparation to consult with my doctor before taking the first dose.

Yesterday I still felt a little rough, but lots better because my fever was gone. Today I feel even better and my arm is hardly sore. I am thankful to all those who made the vaccine possible. Even with the side effects, I would still choose to get both doses of the initial vaccine and the booster because it is the best choice to protect myself and my immediate family. Even if it weren’t necessary for me and those I love, I would get it to protect my community. It is one of the most practical ways to put my faith in action. In other words, a way to love my neighbor as myself.

If you want to schedule any of your Covid-19 vaccines and live in the US, I recommend the CDC website. Visit the website here:


The website is incredibly easy to use. It makes setting up your appointment(s) very stress free. If you have already gotten your vaccines or plan to: thank you for helping protect your fellow humans as well as yourselves.

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