How to Thrive in A Technologically Advanced World

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A few years ago, I stretched out on the floor grabbing my phone as I did.  I sent texts to a few of my chosen siblings to get much needed perspective. I was close to throwing things. My big brother/fellow political scientist came through in spades. He told me what I needed to hear. It was something I already knew, but sometimes, I just need to hear it, again. He told me everybody I consider family is proud of me. He also told me I make the world better by being in it. His words made it like he was here, on the floor with me, giving me a hug. I could hear him, in my head, saying after the hug: “You good, now?” Yeah, big brother, I am… better. I just needed a perspective reset. I just felt like I couldn’t breathe for a little while.

 The technologically advanced world we live in can be a head trip, y’all. It is difficult to stay focused on journey work, sometimes; because it is easy to get sucked into the black hole of drama that you guarantee yourself you are over because you know where you belong. Truth is, it is a struggle to let stuff go some days. It just is, but I never have to navigate any of how to do that alone. God made sure I do not by making sure together is how I/we get to go through life.

 Together is a huge blessing and comfort. Many may never understand me, but I know who does: those I get the privilege to call family. My chosen family who does not have to love me but do anyway. They are always there, and they are proud of me. I am proud of me, too…so, so, proud. The truths and the positives I just got done listing/talking about: that is where the joy is, where it lies today, and always will. Each time I get discouraged and sucked into drama because of technology.  Every time I need to breathe, I just look up and over both shoulders. When I do: I will see Jesus who holds my life and this crazy journey in His hands. When I look left and right: I will see family, love, support, and encouragement. The rest does not matter. It is just part of life, now, and we will deal with it…Together.

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