How to Create A Full, Beautiful, Future Filled With Faith

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Every person in the world wants and needs love. Little girls, often, dream of being a princess and their true love coming to rescue them from typical life on a white horse.  Fairy tales capture our imaginations and help us to dream big.   I dreamed of my true love too, but then I figured out I was not a typical little girl. Now, what happens because I was  I was born with CP?   Not having any concreate answers I got tough.

I hung out with boys, mostly. Not because I was boy crazy; but because boys did not care I had CP and rolled instead of walked most of the tHime. They just saw me. Helped me when I asked and when I did not let me fend for myself. They made me laugh at my CP side effects because they could see the humor when I did not. If they see the humor and laugh at the side effects not at me, never at me, I can too.  Teaching me not to let CP define me because it does not. Most of these boys are now my chosen brothers. I got to keep the goofballs that were my friends growing up. They became my family. Us becoming family is God answering my lifelong prayer for siblings…just not in the conventional way.

My chosen brothers became my protectors and my champions. As we became adults nothing about our dynamics really changed. We were there for each other through everything.  We still are going through all the ups and downs of life together.  My chosen brothers cannot protect me from everything. There are things I have never told some of them because I was protecting them, too. Also, I never wanted to see disappointment on their faces. I was protecting my right to grow up, learn, change, fall in and out of love, and make mistakes without them as well.

Bullies do not just exist on the playground. They exist in the world of grownups, too. Sometimes, they claim to love you. Sometimes, they are the reason your heart breaks, and you are left wondering how you got where you are. What you did wrong. Here’s what’s wrong with those questions. They are not the truth. Here is the truth:

  1. You did NOTHING wrong. You did not. Hear me, YOU DID NOTHING WRONG. It is not on you. It is on the bully…alone.
  2. It is not your fault. You cannot fix a bully.  Sometimes, people are mean & evil. There is no fixing them. Sometimes, walking away is the right and brave thing to do. There is hope. You can start over. You can do anything you want. Forgiveness is possible. The God I love and serve is in the forgiveness business. You can forgive yourself and the person who broke your heart by being a bully, too. You aree okay. You’re loved and worthy of good things in this life. You just have to believe it.
  3. This is not the end. It is the beginning of a new chapter in your story. Turn the page to write the new chapter waiting for you.
  4. Your scars are where your story is. Do not be afraid to show them. Somebody needs to hear your story, so they know it is not the end for them, too.
  5. You are enough and LOVED. I guarantee it. I am living, breathing, proof.  

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