Why Making Applesauce Taught me Important Life Lessons


My grandaddy, who the world called, Kirk was quiet. He preferred watching and soaking it all in. Then he would say his piece. If you were smart when he talked: you listened. He never wasted words. He also was one of the most fun people I ever met. He and I were quite the dynamic duo. He was always doing fun stuff with me. We usually made a mess or were close to getting into trouble with grandma.

There was not any applesauce when he told me he wanted an applesauce sandwich, once while he and I were spending time together at his house while grandma worked in the salon, he built for her on their property. “Are there apples?”, he yelled. I went to his recliner so I could see his face. Yes. He grinned. What is with the grin? “Come with me, crackerjack, we’re making applesauce.” We? I am not allowed to use the stove. “You are not going to. We are not going to use the stove. Get the ingredients you can reach. I will be right back.”

He comes in from outside carrying wood. Granddaddy it is July. We do not need wood. It is hot. He ignores me. He opens the stove, puts wood in, and starts a fire. Going to the kitchen Kirk comes back with a cast iron pot. “Where did you put our stuff?” Kitchen table I answer. We are making applesauce on your stove I asked in amazement. Grandma’s going to want to have our heads. You know that, right? He grins, goes, and gets a knife. He asked if I washed the apples. Yes, I answered. I said, I cannot believe we are doing this. If we get in trouble, I will blame you.

A couple of hours later we had the best applesauce, EVER. We had applesauce sandwiches, much to my dismay, I wanted a bowl. He said no bowls. That was Kirk and when Grandma blew a gasket, after work, I said it was his idea. He just said, “Now, Kate.” That was that. He grinned and winked at me. We had to wash the dishes and open the house up to let out the heat, but that was our only punishment. He told me it was a bonding experience while we washed the dishes. Parkinson’s patient and child with CP, it is a wonder we did not wind up in the ER. That day, little Stacey got great lessons in making a way to have what you want and not giving up. I did not even realize Kirk was teaching me while having fun, but that is exactly what he was doing.

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    1. He was extremely special. You would have loved him and vice versa. He went to Heaven before I met you. I wouldn’t be the person I am without both of you and everybody else who loves me.

      1. I love you so much, mama Margaret. My goal is to make myself, God, my angels, and everyone who loves me proud. I hope I am, everyday.

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