How to be Brave When not Feeling Brave

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When I had pneumonia in 2016, granny told me in a dream to be brave in my life and in my journey to get well. She did not give me instructions on exactly how to be brave as much as I wish she would have. Ever since then I have been discovering what it means to be brave, at least for me. Being brave, for me, means showing up every day and being the best person, I can be. All of 2022 and so far, this year has been about finding my bravery when I do not feel brave. In fact: it is immensely important to figure out how to be brave when I feel anything but. I wanted to share with all of you how I find my bravery when I feel not so brave and need courage. I feel led to write this because of the world we live in being so unpredictable and dark sometimes. This is to give you all hope and to let you all know I am figuring out how to be brave right along with all of you. Finding my bravery and courage is a constant work in progress but these tips below help me tap into my bravest self. I hope the tips that follow help you all to be your bravest selves as well.

  1. Prayer helps me to be brave when I feel anything but. Sometimes, I pray with one or more of my chosen family and sometimes I pray alone when I need bravery. Prayer allows me to calm down and realize that God already sent perfect and has gone before me so I can just do my best and be myself.
  2. Conversations with my chosen family: reaching out to my chosen family makes me brave because they are the bravest group of souls that I know. What I mean by that is they are the most authentic people I have ever met. They are themselves 100% of the time. They encourage and motivate me to have the courage to be myself and use telling my story to make the world better. They also help me make sense of life when it inevitably goes sideways, and I do the same for them. We really are family in every way that matters.
  3. Doing what you are scared to do anyway: I am finding out we all have more courage than we think we do. We are all braver than we think. Sometimes, we just must take a leap of faith and do what scares us or seems impossible one step at a time until it is not scary anymore; or no longer impossible because it got done. Even if you feel like you have no idea what you are doing, I promise you can do anything you set your mind to and take a chance on doing. I am proof positive of that.
  4. Let your best be enough: One of the best lessons of the last year plus has been that nobody on this planet has all the answers and we are all just learning as we go and dealing with what is in front of us, every day. Our best is enough daily. Doing our best with what we know and what we have been given at the time is all any of us can do. Learning my best is enough has been a challenging lesson, that I am still learning, but happy to pass on to all of you.

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