How to Redefine Aging as the Gift it is

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Seeing how some of my friends choose to view aging inspired this post. Granted, I have a unique perspective on aging than most because I should have died at birth. But my question is apt regardless. When did becoming older become something to lament? Being aware ageism still exists in the modern workplace withstanding, how is getting older not an asset, something to celebrate, or be grateful for?

If you are reading this and correctly guessed that I believe aging should be an asset, something to celebrate, and one of many blessings to be grateful for you are correct. I have no desire to go back to my childhood or teenage years, even given the chance, because that part of my life was incredibly difficult. I am grateful for the lessons that. In my life taught me, but I have no desire to relearn those lessons.

I take every day and year I am given as a gift and a chance to make the world a better place. The idea that life ends at a certain age just because society says so has always irked me. There are known people who did not “make it” until society had all but decided it was impossible at their age, but they Defied the conventional odds. If those people can defy expectations and odds, so can all of us taking with us all the lessons we learned along the way as well. Aging is a gift denied to people and we ought to reframe our way of thinking about the aging process to reflect the gift that it is. Honestly, I like the person I am now much more than I liked my younger self. My younger self did not know who she was, what she wanted, or what she deserved. I know now in all those aspects, and I would not were it not for getting older and wiser. I hope this blog post allows people to rethink what is possible no matter their age because I believe 90% of life is the mindset you take into everything, the tenacity to keep showing up every day, and going after every dream you dream until you achieve them.

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