Celebrating 300 blog Posts With A Grateful Heart

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 This blog post is special. It is the 300th blog post I have written. My mom was concerned when I started blogging, I would run out of ideas and/or topics to discuss with you all. I told her that would not happen. She was not convinced. I told her to watch where this journey was going to go and to please trust me. More than trusting me, trust in the crazy/beautiful journey and in the certainty that God’s fingerprints were all over both my life and this endeavor. I knew that and I needed her to trust in what I knew. “Okay”, she said. 300 blog posts and counting I still believe what I told my mom with even more certainty now.

Why do I believe with complete certainty that I am supposed to tell my story to the world? Simply, because I lived when I was supposed to die. Beyond that, I have not only survived everything I have been through and that I am currently going through, I thrive in spite of all of it. Wanting to let the world see my condition from my perspective for a couple of reasons. 1 reason is I saw entirely too much misinformation about cerebral palsy in the media and on the Internet. Educating people on the reality of living and thriving with CP was important to me and it still is. The second reason I want to share my story with the world is to motivate people to overcome their own challenges in life because, CP or not, we all face challenges in life that we need to overcome.

I find myself overwhelmingly grateful for everyone who told me my matters and would connect with people. I am especially grateful to my dad (who had the idea of me starting A blog in the first place) and my chosen brother and journey partner who told me a lot of people would find my story motivating. To love both men and have them be in my corner loving me in return is a privilege. Combining both of their ideas I started a blog about my life living and thriving with CP. Believing and hoping people would show up and be my audience, this whole journey of blogging and creating content is an exercise in faith. I am perpetually grateful to all of you who read my blog posts and follow this blog on social media. Your enthusiasm and kindness keep me focused and inspired to keep sharing my story. We are building the community I saw in my head when I started this journey, and we are just getting started!

All my heartfelt gratitude,


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