How to Celebrate 7000 Followers? A Heart Full of Gratitude

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a very special blog post. Today this blog’s social media accounts combined hit a big milestone. Over 7,000 people follow this blog through various social media accounts. I honestly feel like crying happy tears. This is the kind of milestone I could only dream about when I started blogging in September 2019. I have some people I need to say thank you to mark this milestone. I hope you will indulge me in saying thank you to the following:

  1. God: this whole journey is really an exercise in stepping out on faith. This journey and my life are yours. Thank you for allowing me to tell my story and help others. Please continue to use me for your glory and my joy.
  2. Dad: you encouraged me to start this blog. Without your push, I would not be here. I love you. Thanks for everything!
  3. My chosen brother/journey partner: where would I be without you? I do NOT ever want to find out, and the cool part is I never have to. You told me a long time ago I should write my story down. You kept pushing back, every time I balked at the idea, despite my very real fear. You saw what I could not. Thank you for all of it, every day. I love you, brother. I am proud of you, too…always have been/always will be. This is your milestone, too, really because the crazy/beautiful journey we are own is ours!
  4. The rest of my chosen family: each of you loves me when you do not have to. Every one of you are my insides and make me brave. I would not be here without each of you cheering me on. I love each of you so very much. Our chosen family dynamic always works both ways and together there is nothing we cannot get through.
  5. Everybody else who loves me: I am so loved and feel the love/support every day. Thank you to each of you. I love you all. If I listed everybody: this blog post would be much too long.
  6. I have two very special friends on Twitter AKA X: I would not be at this milestone without. Cam and Chloe: your support of me, this blog, and both of your friendships mean so much to me. Thank you both so very much! If you are on that platform, go follow @gainsarianafans and @1DGAINS. You will be glad you did.
  7. Last, but never least: thank YOU to all of you who read and follow my blog. I literally would not be anywhere without every one of you. You are helping me build the community I saw in my head when I started this blog. A community of inclusion and hope that helps people overcome their own challenges in life. Thank you will NEVER be enough, but I mean it sincerely. The best part is we are just getting started, y’all!

On we go with this blogging and content creation journey: together!

With heartfelt gratitude and excitement for the future,


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