Why Perseverance is Important in Life

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When I first started my blogging and content creation journey, I was completely overwhelmed with the number of aspects I had to learn and how much I had to do every day. I felt as if I were speaking into the great unknown because I did not have a large audience at the time. Almost nobody was reading what I had to say. Often, I felt like giving up. Why are my blog posts not connecting with more people I wondered frequently.

Researching for answers seemed like a good idea. Most of what I found was not comforting. I needed a bigger audience to get more engagement. How do I do that I thought. After feeling sorry for myself for a little while I knew more content would lead to a bigger audience eventually, so I got to work. Challenging myself to write two blog posts a week if possible was my new normal. The more I wrote about my life the easier I found it to do so. Finding the line between what I wanted to keep private and what I wanted to share with all of you became easier with each blog post. Knowing I had to be honest enough to have a positive impact on people inspired me to share more than I had previously thought I ever would. That is still true, but I know where that line of what I am comfortable sharing is even more now.

Through perseverance of sharing my story my audience started to grow. Hearing stories from you all about how my blog posts and videos encourage you encourages me. It fuels me to keep going with this journey even on the days when my audience does not grow very much, and I must assess if I would have done anything differently if I could redo that particular piece of content. Most of the time the answer is no. There are times that I am not happy with a particular piece of content, however. When that happens, I figure out another way to address the same topic so that it will connect with more people.

All of this is to say perseverance is key in anything we do in life. My granddad used to say, “anything worth having will not be easy.” He is right. We must keep going when things do not work out as we would like. We owe it to ourselves and those who love us to keep going, keep trying, and keep dreaming. I want to tell you all, no matter how difficult circumstances become please keep going. The world is better for it every time a person decides not to give up and I thought it was important to share this was all of you.

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