How and Why Battle Scars and Gratitude are Imperative to Thriving

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My personality is very much that of a peace maker. I don’t like conflict, or when people yell. I am the one who tries to smooth sharp words and anger. The tongue can wound far more than any gun, in my opinion, and those wounds can take a lifetime to heal. Words can only be apologized for, but it’s impossible to un-say them. I know this from experience; because I’ve dealt with more bullies than I can count due to my condition. The scars from a bully never fade. They will be with me for my entire earthly life. I consider them battle scars, now. I’m proud to carry them. Their existence means I’m a warrior and a survivor. Those battle scars are where my story lies. My Father allowed me to go through everything I have, walking with me, so that I could help others in the future. I just didn’t realize it until after I started this blog.

After I began blogging: a lot of my purpose crystallized. The reason I have CP is so I can advocate for those, with it, who can’t. I’ve gone through everything I’ve gone through in order to test my faith. Growth without tests, trials, and tribulations is impossible. Do I doubt and question my Father’s ability, sometimes? Yes. Do I forget how big He really is? Yes. Do I get frustrated at my circumstances? Yes, often, sometimes, daily and hourly. Am I ever angry at my Father is a question I get often. The answer is always the same. NO. I am a: living, breathing, communicating, thinking, feeling, miracle. I’m not supposed to do even a little bit of what I can. Doctors have told me that time and again. When you know that about yourself: you cannot hate God. Period…full stop. I am so grateful and thankful to my Father for the gifts and abilities He has given me. I’m thankful for every breath and day. With such gratitude: your outlook changes. Life is hard, without doubt; but it always possible to find beauty and thankfulness in hardships and messes. It gives me blog post inspiration and assures I will NEVER run out of stuff to write about.

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