A Post of Odds and Ends

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  1. I am feeling better. The second round of antibiotics are doing their job. I take them three times a day with food, so I don’t throw up. I find small meals work best. I try to keep the meals healthy.
  2. My new joystick is wonderful. It’s great to have multiple speeds and pinpoint control, again.
  3. The kit to put my motors on my other chair is still back ordered. It’s going to be longer than my provider and I originally thought. It’s a blessing to have one fully functioning chair, however.
  4. I was well enough to get a haircut today. It had been weeks. It felt really good. My hair gets thick and unruly without regular cuts, which is why I don’t have long hair anymore.
  5. I’m still trying to rest as much as possible, so I get completely well. I’m drinking lots of fluids and listening to my body.

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