The Technology Helping me Thrive, Daily

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I get questions frequently. One recurring, often, is what technology do you use in your daily life? I don’t ever mind answering this particular question. I thought I’d share my preferences with all of you.

  1. Computers: I have a laptop and a desktop. Both are HP. The best computers in the world are made by HP, in my opinion, y’all. My computers are large capacity in both storage and ram to accommodate all my software. I had multiple small computers, over the years, that literally stopped working; because they couldn’t handle my software. I bought my first large capacity computer in December 2010 and never looked back.
  2. Microsoft office: I use word, excel, and power point on a regular basis.
  3. Dragon Natural Speaking Home Professional version: This program allows me to control my computers with my voice. I write e-mails, papers, documents, spreadsheets, and just about about anything else I need to by talking to my computer. This program is a gift because I type with one finger, mostly. This program runs best on large capacity computers. It’s big, will freeze, and fry small capacity computers. The home professional version is wonderful because it doesn’t react to background noise. I can listen to music while doing work. I can listen to the TV if I want as well.
  4. Internet browser: Google Chrome
  5. Smart phone: I have had LG, Samsung, and Apple over the years: without question, my favorite is Apple. My phone company is Straight Talk which allows me to be contract free and cuts my bill drastically. I get unlimited everything for $45 a month + tax. I’ve been with them since 2011 and have no intention of changing companies…EVER. The only drawback, for some people, is having to buy your phone when a new one is needed…generally. I save serious money on my phone by buying a couple of models down from the latest and greatest. I have an iPhone 6 right now. Why do I love iPhone? iMessage, Face Time (I have lots of family, chosen family, and friends who don’t live close). Being able to see and talk to them as if they were here is wonderful and a real money saver, too. I love Siri as well. Being able to control my phone with my voice is as helpful as Dragon.
  6. Airpods: I’ve used a lot of cheaper ear buds/mics for my phone(s) over the years. I got what I paid for. They didn’t hold up and were awful. I don’t have the newest Air pods. I don’t have any need to replace mine. I got a really good deal, on mine, because Apple was making room for the new version over a year ago. I LOVE how easy they are for me to put in my ear and that they are wireless. Wires and I tend to have arguments.

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