How I Thrive on the Really Tough Days

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Have any of you had a day or days where you feel completely unloved, invisible, or not good enough? Yeah, me too. Today was one of those. My empathetic self was in overload all day long. What do I do on days like today? I have several coping mechanisms I use. They are in no particular order:

  1. picking up my phone and reaching out to my chosen family
  2. singing out my feelings
  3. punching/throwing a pillow
  4. cuddling my dog Coco
  5. cathartic cry
  6. prayer
  7. writing in my journal
  8. doing my best rock star glam
  9. drinking hot coffee

Rough days are not specific to my condition. They’re specific to the human condition. All of us have really tough days in this life. The most important part of these days is dealing with our feelings, and doing so in a healthy, safe, manner. If you feel unloved, invisible, or not good enough today or any day: I’m here to remind: you are so loved, you aren’t invisible to me (quite the opposite actually), I see you and you are welcome and so valued here, and you are, without question, good enough. You are enough and this world is better with you in it. The world needs you. I’m cheering you on and praying for you.

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