The School Year my Chosen Brothers Saved my Life

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When I was a high school freshmen: I had a stalker. He was a senior. He was a big guy. I am petite. He rode my bus because he had his own condition. He was quite scary. He would show up everywhere I was it seemed. A lot of girls my age would be flattered by the attention from a senior. It scared me because it would be accompanied by violent outbursts when I didn’t give him my full attention. He threatened to hurt me. At that point: mama went to meet with the principal. She was told because he had his own documented condition unless he actually hurt me the school could do nothing. Mama wasn’t pleased at all, but filed a formal compliant to put in his file, like they said she could, in case he did hurt me.

The next morning I was at my locker when he came up: he called mama names, and told me he didn’t care about the compliant he’d do what he wanted. He also punched the wall by my head. It terrified me. Several of my guy friends happened to be around to witness the whole incident. After he left: the questions started. I began to cry tears of terror. I didn’t want to be the next punching bag for him. After I explained and received tight hugs of support: they formulated a plan. They became my bodyguards. At least one of them went everywhere, except the restroom, with me from that morning for the rest of the year.

Their plan worked. They kept me safe and sane that year. I firmly believe they saved my life. I’ve had people question why many of my best friends are male. I’ve had them question why these guys are my family. This post is the answer to those questions. If your life was saved by individuals wouldn’t you love them, too? Wouldn’t you feel like you’d been through enough with them to know their characters and who they are after such a traumatic experience together? For me and my parents: the answer to those questions is a resounding YES. My boys became my brothers….not right away, but over time. I love them fiercely and don’t take kindly to those questions I mentioned above. I wrote this post to do two things: first, to thank them for saving me that year, and for loving me all these years later. Y’all rock, fellas. It’s my privilege to love y’all as much as you love me. Thank y’all for all of it, every day. Secondly, to answer the questions I mentioned.

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