The Unexpected, Beautiful, Personal, Consequence of Blogging

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When I started this blog: I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to be as honest as I needed to be with all of you. I knew I’d have to talk about a lot of tough experiences in my life to make this blog helpful to anyone going through their own struggles. I was incredibly nervous to talk about some of the experiences I have talked about; because they are quite painful for me. I wanted to be brave and do it anyway. People have been extremely kind and thanked me for sharing my experiences. That reaction is wonderfully satisfying to me.

What I didn’t expect is how I would feel after posting these experiences to share with the world. I felt a sense of calm and relief. After sharing about hard experiences I feel lighter. I feel like I can let go of the lingering pain because it’s out in the world. It is truth. More than that: it’s my truth. Having my truth and pain help others: oh my, it helps me. It heals the pain of the scar(s). The scars? Those I’m proud of. They tell the world I’m still here. Not only am I here: I’ve lived and will continue to do so. What I’ve discovered is the stuff that tried to break me: it’s where my story lies. God uses broken people to make the world better. Matthew West wrote a song about this very truth.

No one would be interested in this blog, my story, or journey if everything was great all the time. It’d be boring. The important part is how I rise to do my best to thrive, again. I want everyone who reads this blog: to know you can do the same, and when we fall and fail: we can rise using our pain to help others. I’m living proof of that truth. Don’t be afraid of the tough stuff of life, y’all. Use the pain to learn and be better in the future. Take what you learn through these experiences and help others. As humans: we need all the support, help, and encouragement we can get. I’m here to be that support, help, and encouragement for y’all. I hope you feel that every time I post.

If you’re interested in checking out the Matthew West song I mentioned here it is:

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