More on the Chair Repair Saga

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I promise I have more ideas for blog posts, however I wanted to give y’all a quick update on the process of getting my chair repaired. My new batteries came in late Thursday evening. I picked them and paid for them yesterday. We’re half way to having my chair fully functioning. I am happy to be making progress. It’s been over 6 months so any progress is positive. I say we because I’ve needed lots of love and support through this process. I’m blessed to be surrounded by both in spades. Thriving with CP, for me, has always been a we operation. in my world: together is the only way to get through life well.

The staff at Batteries Plus was very professional and took health and safety measures seriously. They brought the batteries out to the parking lot and put my new batteries in their cases right there. Everybody involved was wearing masks. I appreciate them keeping their customers and employees safe. If you need batteries: batteries plus is a great option and I believe they are a nation wide company.

My wheelchair provider hasn’t called to reschedule my appointment for motor replacement, like they said they would, after I had to reschedule because my batteries were special order. I am not surprised by this development in the slightest. They never do what they tell me they are going to. In fact I called on Wednesday to remind them I needed to reschedule and was gifted with more unnecessary stress instead of a new appointment. Y’all might think I’m making all this craziness up. I wish that were accurate. It’s so insane I can’t make it up. What am I talking about you ask?

The receptionist informed me we had all jumped ahead of ourselves on motor replacement. When I asked what she meant I was informed I had to go through my insurance to get the okay to replace my motors. I calmly explained I already paid half the cost in December 2019 because insurance denied payment for the motors. I told her the denial was in my file. She looked and it was just like I said. Imagine that? She told me they would call to reschedule. They haven’t yet, but I’ll bug them until they do so. I’ll keep y’all posted.

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