How Life Changed Due to the Pandemic

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This pandemic has given me lots of time to think. Of course there’s been responsibilities and stress, but in between there’s been lots of self reflection and reading. I have been reading female authors. Incredible women who literally have built for themselves and those they hold most dear authentic lives full of faith, fire, grace, and self forgiveness when they don’t get it right. I’ll add these books to the list of my favorite books I promised y’all in a future post. These women have got me feeling a bit like the butterflies I love so much. I, like all of you, am in a period of waiting and more downtime than usual. So I told myself to take this time as an opportunity to re-imagine and reconstruct my life. If I believe God wants me to change the world for the better with my brother/journey partner; and I not only believe that, but know it. What does changing the world look like after this pandemic? What does my life look like after this?

Let me answer the second question first. Changing the world starts with me changing myself/my perspective/my mindset. After this:

  1. still take time to slow down and breathe
  2. be as conscious of your fellow humans as you were during this time
  3. be as conscious of what you do and your impact in every aspect of your life as you were during this pandemic
  4. if someone or something doesn’t serve your purpose, as given by God be willing to let it go; be willing to let it metaphorically burn
  5. go confidently and bravely into the world knowing your truth
  6. use and embrace your gifts even more
  7. love more extravagantly than ever
  8. forgive others even more than before
  9. forgive yourself a lot more than before when you don’t get it right. Mistakes are where you learn the lessons
  10. never take anything for granted

What does changing the world look like after this? I don’t have a fleshed out answer to this question…yet. What I do know is life as we knew it isn’t going to exist anymore. How can it when so many have lost their lives, become ill, lost their jobs? It can’t as far as I’m concerned. We will all be different after. My only plan is to do whatever God asks, and go wherever God wants me to be. My life and journey are all God’s in the first place. When I have a more concrete answer as to how to change the world after this pandemic: I’ll let y’all know…at least my half of the journey. Remember to be good to your fellow humans and yourselves. Lead with love, extend forgiveness and grace to your fellow humans and yourselves. None of us know how to thrive in a pandemic. We’re learning as we go…together.

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