Doing What I can is Vital to Living A Full Life

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Having CP means there are things I can’t do, but the people I love have always preferred me to focus on what I can do. I decided to write a blog post detailing many of the things I can do because there’s a lot of misinformation out there. I want to clear up what I can for y’all. I need to stress this is what I can do. It may not be the case for others with CP, or they may can do more than me. This is in no way a complete list.

What I can do:

  1. Stand with the help of a grab bar, somebody’s hands, or a walker
  2. Step also with the help of a grab bar, somebody’s hands, or a walker
  3. dance with the same help as the first two and in my chair(s) as well
  4. transfer out of and into my chair with the same help as the first three
  5. feed myself
  6. quench my thirst
  7. shower using a shower bench and hand held shower
  8. blow dry my hair
  9. brush my hair
  10. floss and brush my teeth
  11. put on makeup
  12. put on perfume
  13. wash my face
  14. paint my nails
  15. go shopping
  16. type
  17. write
  18. text
  19. make and receive calls on my cell
  20. read
  21. operate a computer and tablet very well
  22. clean my living space
  23. talk
  24. sing
  25. drive my chair(s)
  26. pay my bills/monitor my account/balance my bank account
  27. change CDs/DVDs
  28. play my iPod
  29. learn
  30. play basketball
  31. use the restroom without needing to use a catheter
  32. kiss
  33. hug
  34. sleep in a regular bed
  35. swim
  36. exercise: I have a DVD of all sitting exercises I do, but I rarely use the DVD anymore ’cause I know it by heart. I make the routine more difficult for myself and my goal every time is to kick my own butt and muscles into tiredness. The more tired my muscles are, on a regular basis, the fewer tone spikes I have to deal with.
  37. play with my dog Coco
  38. play with and look out for my, almost 9 year old, neighbor who is my buddy and has been since she was born. Ya know when we’re not in the middle of a global pandemic, that is.
  39. go to movies and concerts
  40. hang out with everybody I love
  41. buy the things I need and want with my own money. I refuse to be a burden on my parents

This is all I can think of at the moment. The point of this blog post is to show y’all my life is pretty typical. I might have to do stuff a little differently than everybody else, but it gets done. To my chosen brother Ben who follows this blog: I would like you to notice I didn’t use the word normal in this post except in this note to you. Aren’t you proud? 😉 For the rest who don’t understand: this is a running inside joke between Ben and I since the day his wife made me change my mindset. Now that it’s much easier not to say normal in reference to myself: it’s turned into a joke. Love you, brother.

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