Why my Personality Helps me Live a Full, Beautiful, Life Despite my Condition

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Introvert. That word has been hurled at me like a cuss word while staying at home as much as possible during this pandemic. It was said in a way that was meant to hurt my feelings because I was asked if staying home so much was getting on my nerves/bothering me. No, was my answer and still is. It is my privilege to stay home, and to wear a mask on the rare occasions I do go out. Why you may ask? It is my honor to protect my fellow citizens. I consider it my duty to protect my parents as best I can during this pandemic as well. Doing everything I can to protect others is a way I showcase my faith in action as well. It is a practical way to “love my neighbor as myself.” However, I digress from the point of this post.

Instead of giving this person the confrontation they were hoping for: I told them all the reasons I am reacting to the pandemic with as much patience and grace as is possible. It diffused the situation, but it also made me think. I had never taken a personality test and it gave me a way to learn more about myself. My results tell me I am, indeed, an introvert. I was shocked because I am very talkative like everybody on mama’s side of the family. It just turns out I like deep conversations rather than small talk. Looking back, this should have been obvious because small talk makes me UNCOMFORTABLE.

My results are: an advocate personality type who exhibits the introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging personality traits. I used the website at this address: https://www.16personalities.com/to take my free personality test. My results are pretty spot on. Apparently, the advocate personality is pretty rare. Information that came back with my results said less than one percent of the population are this personality type. It was pretty cool to learn that detail.

My intuition has always been strong. It’s a trait passed along from my granddaddy Earl whom I never knew. It’s always been a guiding force in my life along with my faith. I share this particular gift with my brother/journey partner even though we share no DNA. He pushes me to sharpen my intuitive gifts simply by being himself.

My advocate personality helps me thrive with my condition because I believe by faith I was created to make an impact in this world. My belief my God doesn’t make mistakes is very strong. My CP is not a punishment, but an opportunity to change the perception of what physically challenged people are capable of and help others to overcome their own challenges and struggles in life.

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