When my old Doctor Became my Doctor Again

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Last week was really stressful. I found out that I needed a letter of medical necessity and my doctor to sign a form for my motors to be put on. My provider didn’t tell me until I asked, yet again, what the hold up is on my motor replacement, I needed all this paperwork because per a new rule put in place at the beginning of the year my provider can’t accept cash for parts. No one bothered to tell me this rule until I asked what the holdup was. The paperwork is for my insurance company to pay for my motors.

I called my old doctor at his new practice to see if his office took my insurance and if he would take me on as a patient. The answer to both questions was yes. A FaceTime appointment was made for last Thursday. On Thursday his nurse called to tell me that I needed to come into the office instead because my insurance requires it. I was very nervous because of Corona Virus. Friday morning I went into the doctor wearing a mask, I felt better when I realized everybody there was wearing a mask as well.

It is so nice to have my old doctor as my doctor again. He wrote the letter in the room and signed my form. He also told me to continue to stay home as much as possible because we don’t know how the virus would impact me. I am happy to comply with his instructions. I found out my blood pressure is more than fine as well. That’s a relief because the last time I went to another doctor the nurse said my blood pressure was much too high. On Monday all the paperwork was taken to my provider to send to my insurance company for motor replacement approval. Now, I wait. I’ll keep y’all updated when I know more.

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