How My Mindset Impacts my Desire to Live A Full Life

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A frequent question I get is are you angry at God? No is always my answer. It would be easy to be angry about my condition to be honest. To give up and stop figuring out what a full life looks like for me would be pretty easy as well. It’s not in my DNA. Doing so would break a promise to Kirk and that is something I just can’t do.

In addition, I’ve seen what that amount of anger does to a person with a condition like mine. It’s not pretty, or comfortable. Being in such a mindset isn’t something I can live with. Such an angry mindset is not compatible living the fullest life possible. I also know my being angry isn’t what God wants, either. I believe God wants me to break barriers of what people with my condition are capable of and impart knowledge about how to deal with the obvious challenges of my condition and for those without my condition who struggle; because life is messy and hard for everyone…eventually.

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