Repair Update on Both Chairs

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I have some excellent news to share with all of you. My newest chair is fixed as of last week. It took 8 months, but it runs great. Thank you, Lord, truly. I was concerned I would have to relearn how to drive it. My concern was unfounded. I got right in, and started driving without difficulty. My chair is super fast, however, so I have to keep it cranked down for safety. A few of my chosen brothers would like me to open it up and see how fast it is, but I’m not quite ready for that. I have to be responsible when I drive my chairs and warp speed wouldn’t be responsible.

My backup chair’s batteries came in after three weeks. It’s really good that they came in because the ones that are in the chair, now, are almost dead. I thought it would be as simple as put the new batteries in their cases and slide them in the chair. Of course, it hasn’t turned out that way. The batteries won’t slide in place. My dad has worked hard trying. He’s going to try one more way to do it tomorrow. If that doesn’t work: help will be needed. I can’t wait to write that both of my chairs are fully operational, but that will have to wait, hopefully, no more than a few days.

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