How to Deal When People Don’t Believe in you

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I apologize for the delay, y’all. I’ve been feeling under the weather. I feel better now. I hope you all are well and dealing with the pandemic as best as you can. That said, on with this post.

When I started this blog there were some who thought maybe I was slightly nuts. I will admit, sometimes, it’s not easy. I’m still learning, but I’m determined to make good life for myself. How do I deal with those who don’t understand my life?

  1. I lean on my faith. I know God intends to use my CP to help others and for more good than I can imagine. I just have to do the work and keep my faith.
  2. I lean on my friends who became my family. They keep me focused and show me more love and support than I can possibly explain. I want to make them proud.
  3. believe in myself: this is hard, but as Glennon Doyle says: “We can do hard things.” Sometimes, I admit I have to push myself to keep doing the work. Self pep talks are very useful. In addition, proving everybody wrong is an excellent motivator.
  4. I remember I want to make Kirk proud.

I hope how I deal with people who don’t understand my life helps you all with your lives. We all deserve to live full lives that make us feel fulfilled.

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