How to Still Make This Season of Caring for Others

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This holiday season is unlike any other. We are more isolated than usual, but that doesn’t mean we can’t care for others as our neighbor. The first way is by continuing to wear masks and stay home as much as possible to do our best to stop the spread of Corona Virus.

The next way is to donate food to a food bank. Food banks are experiencing high demand. If you are able to do so: you can pick up extra groceries and take them to the food bank. My local food bank will come out and get donations from your vehicle. I’m sure others will as well. Donating toys to less fortunate children is also an option.

Another option is donating to your favorite charity with money to help fund their programs. They can always use resources. I hope these ideas help you all. I needed to remember no matter how hard this year has been I’m blessed and put the focus on helping others. It’s the best way I know to put my faith in action.

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