Let’s Talk About Bad Days: How to Turn Negativity Into Positivity


I got a comment a few weeks ago: “Nobody with CP is that happy all the time.” I didn’t engage with the negativity and they left my blog’s social media profile they were following. I admit, after that, I internalized their negativity a bit. Now, I want to turn it into something productive. Let’s talk about tough days. I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth revisiting. Yes, I have tough days. I have almost no balance, get tired easily, and my right hand is half a hand at best most days. My kind of CP also means I have too much muscle tone and my muscles get tight when I’m upset, sick, excited, or stressed. Sometimes, all of this can feel like too much. The question becomes what do I do in those times?

First I remember who I am. I’m a literal miracle. I was not supposed to be here. Remembering that helps me know that God has plans for me. Wallowing in a bad CP day won’t advance those plans. God needs my trust, needs me to keep showing up and being a light even on the hard days. God needs me as positive as I can be.

Next, I usually cry out my frustrations. It helps to just release them, so they don’t control me. Singing also helps me process my feelings as I’ve shared before. It is also helpful if I can talk to one of my chosen siblings depending on the day. Many times it is my brother/journey partner who gets me out of my head. He knows me very well and gets me to open up with his quiet support and gentle pushes. He never accepts less than my full honesty. None of my siblings do. It’s a privilege to be their sister and do life with them. My dog Coco is also helpful with hugs and kisses. Exercise also helps on bad days to release tension and make my muscles tired. Journaling also helps because I can say whatever it is I need to say without filtering.

I hope some of these ways I cope with bad days are helpful to y’all. We all have bad days. It’s vital that we don’t stay stuck in the bad days and use them to help somebody else. Happy 2021 to all of you. I have hope that it will be better than last year. We all need it to be better. Now, you tell me: how do y’all cope on bad days?

4 comments on “Let’s Talk About Bad Days: How to Turn Negativity Into Positivity”

  1. I enjoyed reading your post and thank you for sharing. It is always important to remember that you have a purpose despite someone trying to be negative around you. I usually try to write or listen to music on my days and I’m planning to do more meditating. Keep living in your purpose!❤️

    1. Thank you, Miranda! I appreciate your kind words. I write with music on as well. This person was one of very few people to ever comment negatively on anything I write. I’ll just chalk it up to my blog not being this person’s cup of tea and keep doing what I’m doing.

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