Why the Music of the Backstreet Boys is so Important

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If you’ve been following this blog for a while: you know how important music is to me. I’ve written posts about Sarah McLachlan, Billy Joel, and Garth Brooks. Today’s post is another one about music that’s important to me. This one is about the Backstreet Boys. I wasn’t a typical teenage girl by most standards. I wasn’t boy crazy. I was pretty shy and quiet. I didn’t turn boys heads really. I was a bookworm. However, a friend was over at my house one Friday and she brought along the Backstreet Boys first US CD. I loved it immediately. After she went home the next day, I bought my own copy with my allowance. I was in chorus as a teenager and I loved their harmonies. I learned to sing better harmony by singing along with their album in my room. Soon, however, their music took on more meaning for me.

The month after Millennium was released my parents and I traveled to see my Granny. If you’ve followed this blog for awhile: you know that was the trip I realized she was going to go to Heaven soon. I did the only thing I could think to soothe her and me at her bedside: I sang. I’ve never disclosed what exactly I sang to her that day. I don’t remember everything I sang to her, but I remember singing Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely to her. It seemed to soothe her. A few weeks after she became my angel: I went to my first Backstreet show with a classmate. When they got to that song in the set, I cried cathartic tears. My friend, who saw the show with me, had no idea why I was crying so hard I couldn’t talk. All I said was Granny. I couldn’t say anymore, but they helped me grieve that night.

I discovered sometime later that BSB’s music helps reduce my tone if I’m in pain from my CP. I often will lay down just listening quietly if I’m in pain. When I exercise, which makes my muscles tired and reduces my tone as well, BSB is always part of the playlist that motivates me to move. I just want to say thank you to Nick, Brian, AJ, Howie, and Kevin for sharing your music with the world. Your artistry matters and helps me not merely live with CP, but thrive. I am very grateful. With gratitude From A Longtime fan, ~Stacey

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