The Journey to be Comfortable Being Myself

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Be yourself. That phrase has been uttered to me by people I love quite a bit over the years. It has today as a matter of fact. They mean well. It comes from a place of love. Those two words are seemingly so simple. However, they are weighty. From the time I knew I was different I would cry when my condition or the world became too much. All the big feelings burst forth whether I liked it or not. I don’t like to let most people see me cry. I used to think of my tears as a weakness, but now I see them as a coping mechanism. My empathetic self is going to change the world for the better by feeling a profound sense of empathy for those hurting and broken.

Being myself means also embracing the tricky parts of my CP as fully and comfortably as possible. What do I mean? Embracing as fully as possible all the stuff I don’t like about my CP. That means learning to laugh at what I can. For example: when I drop everything I touch seemingly. It’s less stressful if I laugh instead of cry or get frustrated. For the parts I can’t laugh at it helps to just deal with them as straightforwardly as possible so I can go on about my day. Being comfortable with myself is a work in progress. It’s a journey, but a worthwhile one. I write this post for everybody who is struggling to be comfortable with themselves. If I just described you: I hope reading my struggle helps you feel less alone.

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