Why My Perspective on Aging is Different Than Others

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I have a very different perspective on aging than most people. I wasn’t supposed to have one birthday let alone anymore according to doctors when I was born. I’m a literal miracle. I see every year as a gift from God to carry out my half of the crazy/beautiful journey. I welcome aging because it means I’m still here doing my best to thrive. I don’t have a bathroom full of anti aging products. I use a moisturizer, a lip balm (when I don’t wear color on my lips) and sunscreen on my face. I also make sure to never sleep in my make-up. That’s my skincare routine. It is simple and cost effective. I’ll post a list of the make-up and skin care products I use in a future blog post for those who are interested. I want to age gracefully. The way I see it age provides me with wisdom and experience. Why would I want to avoid it if even I could? I don’t. I would never want to relive my teenage years. I’m very glad they’re behind me. As I’ve aged: I’ve learned a lot about myself.

What does aging look like for me with CP? Does my CP add complications to aging? I have no answers for those questions. I try not worry about it. I take it one day at a time with a grateful heart. For me: it would be exhausting to worry about all the time. I’m very healthy and have none of the health complications having CP can bring. I’ve been given these blessings, so I make a choice daily to do what my brother/journey partner and I call journey work. Journey work is doing our best to make the world better with the time we’ve got here. It also means showing love and compassion to everyone. For me it’s a simple way to showcase my faith. God made every person on this planet. Every person has value, a purpose, and deserves love, respect, and compassion. If I worried about aging all the time: I couldn’t be the world changer wants me to be, and there’s nothing more important than that work for me.

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