How I Take Care When I Don’t Feel Great

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I had pneumonia in August of 2016. At the time, my doctor and I discovered that my lungs are sensitive. This means I have to pay attention to how my lungs feel when I get sick. In early January, I woke up and my right eye was swollen shut. It’s hard to drive a powerchair with just one eye, by the way. Then the sinus headaches started with a slight fever. Eye drops, allergy medicine, and Advil were really helpful. I started to feel better. Then I started to cough. I’ve been coughing ever since. I found out my airways are inflamed, so I am trying to get them to heal. What am I doing to get them to heal?

  1. no singing
  2. only text messages for now
  3. using my inhaler twice a day
  4. keep taking my vitamin cocktail: vitamins E, B6, and D
  5. running my humidifier in my room
  6. drinking orange juice because vitamin C pills upset my stomach

I hope you all are taking care of yourselves and staying safe during the pandemic.

PS: Happy Birthday to my brother/journey partner today: without your support and encouragement this blog wouldn’t exist. I love you, brother. Thank you for all of it, every day. I’m blessed to be the one you call sister by choice.

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