Celebrating the Important Women in my Life for International Women’s Day

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I come from a line of strong women. I have made connections and friendships with strong women who became part of my family as well. This blog post is a salute to all of them.

My mama is the strongest woman I know. She has made so many sacrifices for me and taught me exactly how I want to be. I’m proud to be her daughter…every day. It’s an honor. My granny (her mama) taught us all how to be strong women of faith. I miss her all the time. I hope she’s proud of me.

My aunts are two more strong women who love me so much and have been there for me in some of my hardest times. My Aunt Debbie (not related by blood, but family nonetheless) helped me learn how to thrive by helping me learn to move. Now, she’s always there to give advice when my condition brings changes I don’t understand. My favorite teacher saved my confidence when I was 16. She made me believe in myself. I love her for teaching me so much more than just what came out of my math book.

My chosen sisters, oh gosh, where would I be without them? Certainly not anywhere I am now. They are always there for advice and encouragement. I do my best to give the same back to them. They give me a sense of belonging by loving me the way they do, but don’t have to. I’m grateful they chose to.

I am who I am because of these incredible women. I say thank you to them all! I want to tell all of the women who read this particular post: you can be anything you want to. Never listen when someone tells you otherwise. Now it’s your turn: who are the women in your life that you are grateful for? Let me know in the comments!

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