One of the Greatest Obstacles to Thriving: Chair Repair

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If you have been following this blog for a while: yes. you read the title correctly. A couple of days ago my backup chair started making a noise I’m quite familiar with: the grinding of gears. That noise means a motor is on its way out. I was joyous about this development…not. Power chairs are like automobiles in that they have to stop working for a mechanic to run a diagnostic test to assess the problem. I don’t need a diagnostic test to know, but such is the procedure.

Yesterday morning I was backing up from the kitchen table in it: all of the sudden it sounded like a gun shot had gone off in the kitchen. In all my years having power chairs: I have never heard anything like that sound from a blown motor. It was really loud. Usually, the chair will just stop suddenly. After I got my composure back some what: I tried to to drive my char again. It wouldn’t move. It was totally locked down. I’m blessed I’m not hurt from it being locked down. Sometimes, power chairs that lock down from a blown motor try to throw the user out in the floor. I know this first hand. My first call was to dad to explain what happened. He came and took it off power and pushed me into my bathroom, so I could change to my most recent chair. I can’t stand being pushed unless necessary. I’m very independent. I keep my older chair running as backup. Once I switched chairs: my second call was to my provider.

The customer service representative I spoke with took down most of the above details. I’m waiting on a call to schedule diagnostic testing. Once that’s done: parts can be ordered and once they are in repair scheduled. I’ll keep y’all posted as the process progresses.

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