COVID-19 Vaccine Dose 2: Experience and After Effects

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I want to start by saying prior to taking either vaccine I did my homework as it were. I am an academic by training, and a nerd by personality. I’m an avid reader. I’m naturally curious. When I went to my doctor for bronchitis and a sinus infection in March: I wanted to know his thoughts on the vaccines given my medical history. He advised getting vaccinated due to my sensitive lungs. When I signed up for my first vaccine: I had a choice and chose the Moderna. I’m relieved to be done with my vaccinations. I’m not a big fan of needles. For me: the vaccines were way better than contracting the virus, however.

The first vaccine all I had was a sore arm at the injection site. This time was much different. The nurse giving me my vaccine, on Tuesday suggested Tylenol afterwards. I’m glad she did! She was correct: this one packed a punch. The day after I felt horrible. I was achy and ran a low grade fever. These side effects mean the vaccine is working; due to my prior research I knew that. I felt better on Thursday and feel even better, today. I’m thankful for everyone who made the vaccines and its distribution possible! Until more people get vaccinated and/or recover from the virus: I will continue to wear a mask in public indoor spaces, practice social distancing, and wash my hands. These are all ways I can put my faith into practice and love my neighbor as myself. I look forward to getting a little closer to after every day. I have hope and know it’s closer than its been. Please stay safe, y’all, and let’s get to after…together!

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