A Negative Situation Helped me Remember What’s Important

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This is only the second blog post I’ve ever written in real time. I’ve dealt with my fair share of bullies throughout my life. I’ve also dealt with well meaning people who say mean things with the best of intentions. In other words, people who don’t consider what they said to be mean. I say all that to get here: today I was reminded not everybody understands and supports the life I’m creating for myself. It made me sad, at first, but then I remembered I rise to the occasion best when someone thinks I can’t. That’s part of the reason I thrive with my condition: I turn negativity into motivation to prove people wrong.

When I felt sad I turned my stereo on and sang out my feelings. After not being able to sing for a while because of bronchitis: it felt really good. I also remembered I am surrounded by way more support and love than negativity, every day. I also had a chat with a grieving friend and by helping her I helped myself. I was able to get out of my head and put that energy towards someone else. Focusing on her helped me remember what’s most important: being a light in this dark, hurting, world.

It really all comes to loving other people as yourself, y’all. God used my friend to get me back on the right track. When I got the reminder from God: I decided to write this blog post to turn a negative into a positive. Writing has always helped me process my feelings and I thought documenting my experience today might help somebody else, which is one of the main reasons I started this blog in the first place.

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