A Post of Promised Updates

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The title tells y’all what this is going to be about: updates on some stuff. They will be addressed in turn below:

Backup chair repair: I am still nowhere with my provider. I have called the receptionist five times. Four of those: I talked to her directly. Once I left a message. I am still not on the schedule to even diagnose the problem. I even tried calling and texting my wheelchair guy since I was six years old. He never responded. I have no idea if his silence means he retired or not. He was talking about retirement in 2019 when I saw him last.

Tomorrow morning I am calling back and being firm until I get an actual answer. If you are thinking this is wrong, absurd, and beyond frustrating: you are right. This is bigger than me, now; it always has been. It is about me being an advocate for everybody, with physical challenges who cannot advocate for themselves. It is about accountability and making the system work better for everybody who needs it to work better. Updates will come in future blog posts as needed.

My health and wellness journey: Progress to report here. It is easier to move with regular exercise. I have not had any CP spells (small seizures) in three days. My vitamins really made them a lot less frequent. I started on my vitamin cocktail almost a year ago at my general practitioner’s urging. He and I were right on the vitamins hopefully making me more comfortable. I had done research before, I found out I could use my old doctor, he agreed with my assessment when I was there for my letter for chair repairs on my newest chair. He said, “It’s worth a try.” It was. CP are still triggered by stress. However, they are mild, now. I have been sleeping better as well. Stay tuned for updates on this, in future blog posts, too.

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