A Father’s Day Blog Post Honoring Two Men I Love

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In Honor of Father’s Day, this one is for two particularly important men in my life:

Dad: You have always treated my CP as something that limits me in some ways, sure, but never as a reason for me not to dream as big as the sky. Blessed that you and mama always see possibilities not limitations. This blog would not exist without your encouragement. When we went to Warm Springs, the first time, when I was four, you rolled me in front of FDR’s chair and told me:” He was elected president four times and he sat in that chair. Because he did, you can do anything you set your mind to and work hard for.” That always stuck with me and is the reason FDR is my favorite president to this day. I do believe that trip and conversation sparked my love for American Politics. Thank you for everything and I love you very much.

Kirk: He like dad never saw my CP as a limitation just as something that was. A man of few words who led by example. He was a Parkinson’s patient who defied the odds of his condition, too. When he talked: people listened. I most of all. He has been right on everything he said when it mattered most. That is Kirk…observant and gifted with understanding people and the world in a way few do. Love you; granddaddy and I miss you every day, buddy. You are never far away, however. Hope you eat lots of chocolate ice cream, fish, and play baseball in Heaven for Father’s Day. Also, could you please find some way to help the Braves continue to believe they are good? They have had a bumpy season so far…as I am sure you know. You have the best seat in the house for every game. Thank you for everything. Hope I make you and Dad proud.

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