I Have A Backup Chair Repair Progress Report to Share: it’s Not Great


My backup died on May 11th. I called my wheelchair provider immediately after I got settled in my newest chair. 5 phone calls later and I still had not even ben put on the schedule for a diagnostic test to diagnose the problem. A text message to my childhood physical therapist gave me another way to get what I needed done. She suggested I call my wheelchair guy since I was 6 (who works for this company, now) directly. I did and left him a message. I also texted him. He never responded. I placed another call to my provider a couple days later. This time I got through to the lady who schedules repairs.

That conversation did not go well. She asked me why I had not reached out to someone before now. Recounting pretty much everything, written above, for her: she said I had not done anything I just told her I had. As calmly as possible, I asked her to check her records. She apologized for the confusion.  Confusion? That cannot be your lame attempt at apologizing for calling me a liar I thought. It was.

I took a deep breath to calm my temper. Then explained the chair needing repairs was my backup chair. My 2010 chair the way they classify it. She told me insurance would not cover those repairs. Explaining I would cover the repairs myself did not go well either: “you cannot do that, ma’am. “ I have before I explained. After a little more back and forth she said she would have her manager call me if I would like. Please was my immediate answer.

I was fuming when I hung up as y’all can imagine. I called dad and explained what happened. He said, “Call corporate headquarters, Stace.” Usually, the idea of making a formal compliant like that makes my childhood shyness kick in…not this time. A quick Google search provided the number for corporate headquarters. I got a voicemail box and left all the details requested. The message said someone would contact me within 24-48 hours.

Internally rolling my eyes, I hung up. The next morning (May 27): the manager called me. He explained the new policy was that the company does not accept cash payments anymore. Instead of yelling like I wanted, I thanked him for calling and told him this was the first real answer I had gotten in 3 weeks. He apologized for the confusion. Confusion? There is that word again. He told me to let them know if my 2016 chair had any problems. They will be glad to fix those he said. Assuring him I would, thanking him again, I hung up.

I never heard from corporate headquarters…not that I expected to. I have a list of other Invacare providers within 50 miles from home on my laptop as I type this. One of those should be thrilled to have my cash business. I will keep y’all updated as the process moves along, and I have updates to share.

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